A holistic approach to happiness at work

Elina Rodriguez
Communication Manager

In the newly designed offices of the international branding agency Roman Klis Design, it is as much about corporate identity and beautiful design as it is about employee performance: founder Roman Klis believes in the importance of thinking spaces and an appreciative management style, especially when it comes to creative performance. What counts in the end, however, is solid performance, in line with the company's claim of "Creating Success", he says. To best help employees achieve this success, Klis turned to behavioural science, specifically nudge theory - a concept that proposes positive reinforcement and subtle suggestions as a means to increase motivation and productivity. With very small interventions, employees are almost effortlessly made to work more effectively. All of this is reflected in the new facility, which draws heavily on the principles of Nudge theory.

Thousands of plants to improve the atmosphere

The architects have drastically changed the ambience of the office without interfering with the existing structure. Much of this change is due to the psychologically thoughtful use of colour. Blue promotes both calm and creativity, as can be seen in the stripes on the ceiling panels - an element that also creates spatial depth. Pathways within the work areas are kept neutral to encourage concentration, while pink walkways add a cheerful touch. Tropical wallpaper and thoughtfully placed water fountains also contribute to this positive atmosphere. To further reduce stress levels, the office is now planted with thousands of green plants, which improves air quality and reduces ambient noise. The new workplace also promotes connectivity and interaction: by mixing sitting and standing areas and adding shell-shaped meeting places, employees can move freely in an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and information. In general, much more space for communication has been created at the express request of staff. The new Sunset Café on the upper floor offers them an additional place to recharge and hatch new ideas.

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